How will it look like?

Snow pyramid having an approximately size of our future coin pyramid.

Measurements of 1 centas coin (according to the data of Bank of Lithuania):
diameter – 18.75 mm
thickness – 1.30 mm
weight – 0.83 g

We will use heaps of 15 coins to build the pyramid. The base of the pyramid will be a square having 58 heaps in the edge. Every next layer of the pyramid will have one heap less in the edge. Having this in the mind it is obvious that an exact amount of the coins needed can be calculated using this formula:

Length of the base edge of the pyramid:

58×18.75 mm = 1087.5 mm ≈ 1.09 m


Height of the pyramid:

58×15×1.3 mm = 1131 mm ≈ 1.13 m


Weight of the pyramid:

1 000 935×0,83 g = 830 776.05 g ≈ 831 kg


Even the amount of coins needed is more than one million this is the best result we have managed to get. You are always welcome to make a comment on the calculations and express you opinion.
In order to calculate the amount of coins we need only two variables. At first, the amount of coins in a heap (let us mark it a). Secondly, the amount of heaps in the base edge of the pyramid (let us mark it n). Here we provide an easier formula for calculating the total amount of coins needed for a square coin pyramid:

By putting the variable a and n you can search for a desirable pyramid.

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