Frequently Asked Questions
There are some questions that still need to be answered. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please leave a comment.

Where will we build the coin pyramid?

The place for the coin pyramid should be comfortable and not allowing anybody to disturb us. Because many people might want to watch the process of constructing the pyramid, the place should be public, e. x. museum, supermarket or any other popular place. A hall at school or university might also fit the requirements.

When will we build it?

There are more and more talks of currency change in Lithuania. The government is now planning to change Lithuanian Litas to Euro from the beginning of 2015. According to this, we have to build the pyramid before the end of 2014.

Where will we put all the coins after the work?

Sure, we will not carry such a huge amount of “white coins”. We will bring all the coins to the Bank of Lithuania. The more accurate question is: where will we put the money after the construction of the pyramid? In November 2011 we decided that all the money donated by the people will be dedicated to The Mstislav Rostropovich Charity and Support Foundation Pagalba Lietuvos vaikams.

Do we need a slogan?

There are several possible versions: “Your centas can!” or „Give us a centas!“. Correction: According to Vytautas, our slogan is “Your centas can!” Good for us.

Why we have not written the calculations for the pyramid?

Please find the calculations in the section How will it look like?

Why we do not have a public list showing the amount of dontribution?

All the people and organisations that had already contributed us and the number of coins given are listed in the section Our friends. You can also check the graph at the top of the webpage. The graph is a time-dependant curve of total coin collected.

Why I have not created a banner?

Please find the banners in the section Contribute!

A few questions without answers:

Where do we find a table able to keep a weight larger than 800 kg?
How to involve more people into the project?
Why I have not created a visualisation of the pyramid?
How long will it take to calculate one million coins by using coins calculating machines in the Bank of Lithuania?


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