You can contribute Million Coin Pyramid project in many ways. Here are a few of them:

For those who have 1 centas coins

We invite everybody to help us to collect the coins required. If you have 1 centas coins and would like your coin to be added into the pyramid, please contact us. Every coin will be added into this record size pyramid!

For those who do not have 1 centas coins

If you do not have 1 centas coins, you can start collecting them today, since we will need them tomorrow!

Here are some ideas how you can get 1 centas coins:

  • if items cost x.99 Lt, buy it separately;
  • when you pay for something, do not use 1 centas coins in any case;
  • ask your relatives and friends for 1 centas coins;
  • check all the pockets of your clothes and all the corners of your home very carefully;

For those who own a webpage

If you own a webpage or have a blog and really like our project, please place one of the following banners into your webpage. You can freely choose the size and colour you like. You just need to copy the HTML code and paste it into the desirable place.

Tavo centas gali!
Tavo centas gali!
Tavo centas gali!
Tavo centas gali!

Every HTML code matches a picture with a link to this webpage. If the size or the colour does not fit your webpage, please contact us and we will provide your something more convenient.

For those who have a board

Do you like our project and have some place on the wall or the board? If so, you can print out a poster encouraging participation in this project. Please tag the poster in a public place.

If you would like to give somebody a short info about this project you can print out or e-mail the following handbills:

For those who have some space on a work table

Do you want to show you contribute our project? Or do you need a practical box for keeping 1 centas coins? We would like to offer you centainis – a special jar for keeping the coins. There is an example of centainis in the photo below. If you want to get one of this, just drop us a message. We will produce and deliver a free centainis for you.

For those who would like to advertise

Since there is no place for commercial banners in our webpage, text advertisement is the only way to advertise here. A business company should donate us a minimum amount of 1000 (one thousand) coins to advertise. A place on the list is to be determined by the amount of coins donated. We promise to show your advertisement at least until the erection of the pyramid. Increasing popularity of the Million Coin Pyramid makes sure that your advertisement will be noticed. Please check the current advertisers in the list of our friends to see how does your advertisement would look like. If you would like to advertise, please contact us.

For those who have crazy ideas

If you are reading this webpage and would like to improve something or if you just want to express your opinion, you are always welcome to write us an email. Thank you all!

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